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Which online dating platform do you prefer, Zoosk or Tinder? Let us know!

Zoosk vs Tinder
The dating world is pretty complicated. There are so many trial and errors before you get to the one you probably have the slightest chance of getting along. You spend so much time and effort to get to a place to meet up, and you will not even be sure if that person will sustain a conversation that will hook you in.

But this modern world has a solution for that, and that solution is in the form of dating apps. Dating apps give you the convenience of having a conversation first and see if you already like how they look like in person. Let us examine two dating applications/sites that have been on the market for a while now: Zoosk and Tinder.

Both Tinder and Zoosk are available as global platforms, but the difference is in the type of platform. While Zoosk can be used for both your desktop and your mobile device, Tinder is limited to the mobile devices. Both platforms offer a wide diverse group of people from all over the world, so there is a high chance you will definitely find someone you can at least talk to there.

Types of Daters
Both Tinder and Zoosk are widely used by young users aged 20 to 30, but of course there are a few outliers here or there who are younger than 20 and older than 30. After all, both platforms are available for anyone to use.

While Tinder has this reputation of being a hook up site, although there are successful relationship stories you may see from time to time, Zoosk is more diverse than that. It is known to be a platform used by users who can be serious about relationships, those who are just looking for casual relationships, or those who just want to have a friend to talk to.

Both platforms are open to homosexual dating as you can tweak settings to look for someone of the same gender.

Which dating platform is better?

Tinder is straight-forward in the sense that, if you like a profile, you can swipe right to like it. If you match, you can talk. If you don’t, you can’t strike a conversation. Because you have to use your Facebook account to sign in, you may see mutual friends of a profile you are viewing. You can also see their interests (which they liked on Facebook) for added information about the person, aside from their bio that they may or may opt to fill out.

Zoosk offers a more customised way to match with someone. It has what we call “behavioural matching” in the sense that the application learns what you are most likely interested in by looking at the profiles you liked. It also shows you who viewed your profile and compatibility score with the profile you are attracted to. Zoosk is known to have an interface similar to Facebook, so little adjustment is made when using the application.

Another quirky feature would be games you could play within the application, so you can play with someone you “met” on the dating platform.

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