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Compare cities side by side

In this section, we allow you to compare and rate cities.

Whether you are planning a holiday or thinking of moving, a bit of inside knowledge can be useful. Unlike other sites that only give facts or tourist information about cities, we open up a discussion and let you share your opinions about which one you think is best.

Compare cities side by side. Search by typing any two cities below.

Sydney vs Melbourne
Brisbane vs Sydney
Sydney vs Adelaide
Sydney vs Canberra
Sydney vs Perth
Sydney vs Darwin
Brisbane vs Melbourne
Brisbane vs Perth
Brisbane vs Darwin
Brisbane vs Adelaide
Brisbane vs Canberra
Perth vs Melbourne
Perth vs Darwin
Perth vs Adelaide
Perth vs Canberra
Darwin vs Adelaide
Darwin vs Canberra
Darwin vs Melbourne
Adelaide vs Melbourne
Adelaide vs Canberra

New Zealand
Auckland vs Wellington
Auckland vs Dunedin
Auckland vs Queenstown

North America
New York vs Seattle
Vancouver vs Toronto

London vs Paris
London vs Amsterdam
Rome vs London
Milan vs Rome
Split vs Dubrovnik
Zagreb vs Split
Zagreb vs Dubrovnik
Madrid vs Barcelona
Rome vs Venice
Florence vs Venice
Paris vs Lyon
Nice vs Cannes
Berlin vs Paris
Prague vs Paris
Prague vs Budapest
Budapest vs Belgrade
Athens vs Milan
Geneva vs Milan
Moscow vs Prague
Dublin vs Glasgow
London vs Manchester
Liverpool vs London
Copenhagen vs Oslo
Helsinki vs Oslo

Washington vs Moscow
Rio de Janeiro vs Buenos Aires
Mexico City vs Bogota
Singapore vs Taipei
Hong Kong vs Shanghai
Bangkok vs Kuala Lumpur
Tokyo vs Osaka
Tokyo vs Seoul

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  1. Michelle says:

    I would like it if you would add a comparison in the North America category between Los Angeles and San Diego. Thank you.

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