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  1. Jennifer says:

    My husband and I did a 18 day tour to Egypt, Jordan and Israel in November 2012 with On the Go. This group was not our first choice but we were constrained by the dates my husband could get off work. I would not recommend them and would never travel with them again. if you go to their web-site there is nothing but rave reviews -the people that had a different experience they do not invite to comment! Very dishonest. !!
    The Good Bits: The in-country content and guides were terrific, accomodation was good and probably value for the price. Being met at the airport in Cairo was a real bonus and made the whole immigration process a breeze.The problem was with the overall organisation and logistics and I would suggest whoever runs the show has never tried it to see how it works -because -12+ hour sleeper trains and 14 hour bus-rides and +14 hour bus-boat trips are absolutely no fun and when you are a busy working person -a complete waste of time -4 of the 18 days were completely wasted -especially when there was a flight option in all cases! AND at little extra cost! We even volunteered to pay the extra -before the tour departed -and no-one ever told us why they didn’t allow the flights. There was a group (9) of us that baulked at one of the 12+ hour bus trips from Cairo to Dahab and they finally conceded to let us catch the plane ($120 extra each – bargain we thought!) To be told there were no flights – eg Aswan to Abu Simbel or Cairo to Abu Simbel -was an outright lie. Instead we had a bus-trip starting at 3am! There have been problems with the reliability of the boat trip from Dahab (Egypt) to Aqaba (Jordan) since the Morsi government was overthown more than a year previously. But has On The go done anything to alter the itineray? – No. Instead there is a +12 hour bus trip from Cairo to Dahab -can take longer depending on how many times guards want to check passports (they let us take the flight for this) by the time you get to Dahab there is no time to visit the Blue Hole -in fact it could be dark if you get delayed. Then there is a 10am start the next day to get the ferry to Aqaba. -We waited at the Port of Nuweiba in an old ghost resort with no-one else around until 7pm before the ferry finally departed and didn’t arrive at Aqaba until 11.30pm -then there was a 2 hour bus trip to Petra. -get to bed at 2am and be ready for the walking tour of Petra starting at 8am the next day. No -they couldn’t delay the start as apart from the 8 of us that arrived too late to do the candle-lit tour of Petra there were another 19 people we were hooking up with on this tour. So NO -it is not a small group tour whatever they try and tell you. They only split the gorups in half once they reach 32 people. Trust me -it is really hard to get keep up with and understand guides with strong accents when there are 27 people -and the slowest person always slows up the whole group. Getting into Israel was another problem with no-one telling us until the last minute (even though it was a known problem) that if our passport was stamped we wouldn’t get back into other middle eastern countries -a problem for my husband as he passes through Dubai regularly to get to to work. The response of On the Go to this was -‘get another passport’. As it was the Israelis were very good and didn’t stamp our passports. Don’e use On the Go use Pergrine instead -friends of ours say they are excellent!

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