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TrackR Bravo – one of the established market leading bluetooth trackers
Before technology came along, you probably just accepted your shortcomings and learned how to cope with them and take them in stride. Losing stuff like keys, wallet and other mundane but important objects is a problem that majority of people over the world share and would have continued to accept had it not been for a Bluetooth device named TrackR Bravo. Ever since its introduction in 2014, this coin sized device has helped people track their belongings so that they no longer need to feel hampered by their carelessness.

With a diameter of 31 mm and a thickness of 3.5 mm, TrackR Bravo is a circular device that relies on Bluetooth for its tracking mechanism and although it is slightly bigger than a quarter, in terms of thickness it is equivalent to two quarters having been stacked up. There is a small loop at one end of the circle that facilitates it being attached to any object like keys, wallet chains, pet collars and so on. Overall, it is small enough to fit into a small bag or a purse and comes in a coloured anodized aluminum casing that renders it easy to spot.

Trackr Bravo Reviews

Discussed as follows are some features of TrackR Bravo that render the device user friendly:

Distance Indicator – If you have lost something, the TrackR Bravo would not just inform you about it but also indicate how far you are from the object. It is like a hot-cold game wherein cold implies the farthest distance and hot implies that you are more or less there.

Item Ringer – Courtesy of this device, finding items is a breeze because it makes the object emit a ring that is loud enough to be heard from a distance.

Separation Alert – Irrespective of whether you leave behind your phone or the object to which the TrackR Bravo has been attached, an alert will sound to notify you that you have left behind something.

Phone Finder – An added advantage of TrackR Bravo is that in addition to helping you find the lost object, it works in reverse too wherein it can help you to find your phone. So if you have the object with the device attached, all you need to do is press the button and it would cause your home to ring even if it is in silent mode.

Family App – Every family has its share of shared objects like car keys, pets and TV remote and the makers of TrackR Bravo recognized that while creating the device. Because the device can be intercepted from multiple phones, it is possible for any member of the family to find the lost object.

Set-up of TrackR Bravo entails switching on the device by pressing the button. Then you need to download the app in your phone and connect it with the device so that both are synchronized. While Bravo has a range of 100 feet, the app is capable of supporting 10 different devices, thus implying that you can attach a Bravo to every small object that you are prone to losing.

As long as the Bluetooth on your phone is activated, an alarm is sounded to indicate the device that has been lost. However, the volume is not very loud which means that in case you are in the next room, chances are that you may not be able to hear it. Assuming that you have activated the Bravo and lost something, a map will be displayed on your phone’s screen pinpointing the exact position of the Bravo and roughly indicating how far away it is from where you are at that moment.

There is also a provision wherein the device would cause the phone to notify you every time you walk out of the house, blissfully unaware that you have left something behind.

Trackr Bravo Pros and Cons

• Its small size ensures that it can fit into any small space and can be carried around with ease.
• User friendly nature of the app ensures that it can be set up by anyone without requiring any special expertise.
• Water resistant case is a big advantage since it implies that the Bravo would work by the pool or at the seaside too.
• Every TrackR Bravo device comes with a unique laser engraving that can be customized as per the preferences of the user.
• It is also possible to upload an image to indicate the object to which the device has been attached.

• Although it boasts of a range of 100 feet, the actual distance is much lesser.
• The volume of the sound is also not very high and cannot be heard even when the device is 40 feet away.
• Matching the device with the app could be an issue at times and requires multiple attempts.

TrackR Bravo may not be as audible but its small size renders it convenient to carry around and the fact that its battery can be replaced makes it an economic and useful investment in the long run.

Trackr Bravo Reviews
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