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Thermochef Natura



Which is the better all in one kitchen appliance, Thermochef Natura vs Thermomix? Tell us below!

Thermochef Natura vs Thermomix

Being quite similar to blenders, food processors refer to an appliance that is ‘electric motor driven’, while some may be manual, a hefty number of them are electrically used. They may be comparable to blenders but, unlike blenders, food processors do not involve mixing some liquid for the rations to move around. These processors allow you to mix, chop, blend, weigh, grind, whisk and do so much more with their compact size.

Thermochef & Thermomix have been battling the stage to make their way to number one. We review each one highlighting their perks and the rewards they come equipped with.

Thermochef Natura: This compact processor can also be labeled as your ‘compact cooking station’. Why? Well because not only does it offer a 10 in 1 processing flair, it even has an easy to use system to operate. It also includes scales that make it easier to weigh and measure any food ingredient you like.

It can, with ease perform:
– Weighing
– Mincing
– Blending
– Kneading
– Whipping
– Steaming
– Beating
any ingredient.

Go the extra mile: Thermochef takes into regard our hectic schedules and can even cook our food for us. It even considers mainstream trend of fast-food lifestyle and pushes you that extra mile to go healthy. This boost may inspire you to cook meals that are rich in nutrients and super healthy, making the score to, HEALTH: 1, CALORIES: 0.

A full replacement for all machines: Cooking just got a whole lot easier with the Thermochef, as the ‘laziness’ that overcame you for doing the dirty dishes, can be minimized with it. You don’t need a cutting board, a blender, a pan to knead your dough on, all your work can easily be done with just one machine. Thermochef is guaranteed to leave your guests complimenting on how yummy your menu was. You name it, Thermochef makes it, from quick fix-up for your soup cravings to big meals for your events, this is the machine to have to tend all your food needs.

Watch and Learn: Thermochef comes with a DVD for you to watch and understand what the mystical machine can actually do, cutting short your time to comprehend the machine as you use it.

Getting on to the Thermomix!

The popular European machine comes with a body that combines 12 kitchen appliances in 1. It can easily be your assistant in the kitchen while
– Mixing
– Chopping
– Kneading
– Steaming
– Whisking
– Stirring
– Blending
– Precise heating
your food to the required consistency.

Perfect for Beginners & Busy Lives:
Thermomix lets you explore a whole other side of food whilst making easy and faster recipes. It lets you broaden your cooking horizons to discover what else you can do with the appliance. Being the finest choice for beginners, Thermomix has an exclusive feature of breaking down recipes into simple steps that lead to your family praising the delicious cuisine you make, this ‘Guided Cooking’ option is accessible through its vibrant touchscreen. You just need to follow its lead and let the ingredients mix.

Being a workhorse in the kitchen, it is known for its consistent results, perfect cooking times, control over its speed & temperature. Thermomix can perform even the delicate tasks for you in your kitchen making it the ‘chefs’ choice’ for 2015.

Perks it offers:

Saves Money: Replacing all costly machinery in your kitchen, it lets you save your bucks.

Inspiration: It even inspires you to drop the boring recipes and try new ones with a complete mentor at your hand.

Precision Engineered: Thermomix is known for its reliability & rigorous quality that can sustain the toughest of uses.

Help and Guidance: Thermomix is one of the very few companies out there which when delivering their product make sure their agent explains to you each and every feature of the machine. (Yes, no more mess with thorny appliances).

All in all, your extra hands in the kitchen.

Quick look at both of them side by side:

Thermochef Natura vs Thermomix
thermochef natura Thermomix

Thermochef Natura’s engine produces slightly more noise


Both appliances have noise, but the Thermomix is the quieter one

Thermochef’s scales are separate from the bowl


The scales of the Thermomix are integrated into the appliance

Thermochef price comes in at about $795 AUD (these are approximate and subject to change, check with your local Thermochef Natura retailer)


Thermomix is available at $1939 AUD, with a number of pay plans to choose from (these are approximate and subject to change, check with your local Thermomix retailer)

You may smell a slight motor smell from the Thermochef initially, but it goes away with time

Motor Smell

Less concerns with this based on reviews read

All in all: Both very powerful machines are wowing their users by the minute, the Thermochef with its great price and advanced functions & the Thermomix with its highly distinctive features & smart cooking expertise. Tell us which one wowed you the most.

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