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Microsoft is the biggest software company in the world that has recently made a foray into the world of mobile phones. It is a name that has always been synonymous with computer technology that gave the world a series of hugely popular desktop app bundles and operating systems.

Telecommunication has grown by leaps and bounds ever since the first telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. Technology has made it possible today to make the world get closer and has minimized it to fit into the palms of your hands in the shape of mobile phones.

Taking the Nokia Phones a step further with Microsoft Mobile
Microsoft has extended its reputation to its series of Nokia phones after acquiring the giant company. The world will be able to expect better things when they want to own a mobile phone that has been packed with style and familiarity. Microsoft Mobile is a multinational phone and computing devices manufacturing company that has its headquarters in Espoo, Finland. It is an owned subsidiary of Microsoft. Its main activity is the design and development of mobile phones and smart phones along with their manufacture and distribution.

Microsoft mobile phones have something to offer to every user. A Microsoft Windows Phone will give you access to creativity and an organization at levels that are unmatched. From making calls to getting internet connection, it is a high degree of personal governance. You can even make graphs and tables on the phone and also create lists. You can also play games and watch movies on this phone. Everything can be managed. The phone is equipped with numerous features of great utility value such as a quad core processor, a high mega-pixel camera, a large display screen with glass that is scratch resistant. These features make it a highly attractive and indispensable phone for all users.

Microsoft Mobile was formed after the acquisition of Nokia’s mobile devices and their services Division in April of last year. Microsoft has retained a restricted license to employ the name of Nokia and its logo on the feature mobile phones. It is a licensing agreement that stretches for a decade. It is conditional on the fact that the phones are based on the Series S30 and later. Lumia smart phones have been excluded and since October of last year, all Lumia devices have been carrying the name of Microsoft. The Microsoft Lumia 940 is expected to be the name of the next Lumia product. Microsoft Mobile has become the second venture of Microsoft in the hardware business of mobile phones after it had a short tenure with Kin about five years ago.

Imaging Apps
Imaging apps for Lumia by Microsoft Mobile have been bundled with the line of Windows Phone smart phones. They are based on the original technology acquired from Nokia unit of Scalado. Software such as Lumia Cinema Graph allows for the creation of animated GIFs from subtle images. Along with these imaging apps, Microsoft has a unique application known as Microsoft Math which allows for learning of mathematics and practicing it through a program and this was specifically designed for South African and Tanzanian school students.

Microsoft mobile phones allow for plenty of storage space for users to store their important data conveniently on their phones without the worry of losing it. They can also store through SD cards. The stylish interface allows for a great user experience and these Microsoft mobile phones offer a warranty which ensures service after sales.

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