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Stick N Find – Stick It and Find It
How would you react on being told that there is an adhesive disc that can be attached to any flat surface and enabled through Bluetooth technology in order to help you keep track of the object?

Since it is human nature to be a little casual and careless at times, particularly with regard to small objects like keys, mobile phone or an ID card, StickNFind sounds exactly like a sensor that you can do with in your daily life.

An outcome of US-based start-up which relied on crowd-funding to launch itself, StickNFind is a tag that is economically priced between $20 and $25 and can facilitate tracking till a range of about 100 feet courtesy of a slim battery fitted within.

Recent advancements in technology is what the developers of this device have attributed its formation to, claiming that it was virtually impossible to have developed such a device even three years back.

When they started working on this concept, there were two aspects that developers of StickNFind had to struggle with, first among which was to achieve a coin-sized tag.

The problem was to fit an omni-directional antenna into a tiny space wherein it would be sandwiched between the battery and the buzzer with both serving to block its range. According to the entrepreneurs, it took more than a few sessions to come up with a solution that was both feasible and long-lasting. The second aspect pertained to battery life and space constraints meant that only slimline versions could be considered and that too after minimising all the other components.

Sticknfind Bluetooth tracker sticker

One of the most discerning features of StickNFind is a radar screen which would display the presence of the tracking device and also the distance but is not indicative of the direction. Therefore, detection implies that in order to find the sticker, you can start moving in a particular direction and check whether the signal gets stronger or weaker.

There is a ‘Find It’ feature which on being enabled begins to beep the moment the sticker comes within range. Assume that you have put the StickNFind on your suitcase and set it with the baggage on the flight. After you land, all you need to do is to enable this feature and the moment your luggage appears on the conveyor belt it will start beeping. Till then you can sit and relax, being aware that your suitcase is still on its way.

StickNFind comes with a virtual leash wherein the app on your phone would emit an alarm if it detects that the sticker is moving away from you beyond its stipulated range. Choice of alarm depends on your preference and is like an invisible leash which you can use to pull things towards you. Likewise, a reverse virtual leash is also possible wherein the sticker on the object or person would beep in case your phone gets left behind and might be moving out of range.

Unlike many Bluetooth enabled tracking devices, StickNFind is not just limited to gadgets and devices but extends its tracking capabilities to humans and animals too. As a result, you can use it to track down your children, pets and even your spouse and be aware of their respective positions.

Provision of a buzzer ensures that there is beep whenever something in moving out of range, thus intimating you of the movement and causing you to take appropriate action. StickNFind also has a light which means that the beep is accompanied by a glow and this is actually a big advantage. This feature implies that you will be able to spot it in darkness too and renders searching for the missing object truly convenient in venues like cinema halls, parks or during a sudden and unexpected power outage.

Battery life of one year ensures that you are saved the hassle of changing it every now and then in order to ensure smooth functioning of the device. What is even more convenient is that the battery can be easily replaced without requiring any technical know-how, meaning you can change it yourself the moment you feel that the beep or the light might be flagging.
100 feet is quite a distance and if you draw a circle with 100 feet as the radius then the circumference would include a relatively large area. This is basically the range of the device and denotes the extent to which you can track an object, person or an animal.

No system is foolproof and StickNFind is no exception to this rule. While most users have appreciated the product and its concept, there are some who have complained about the tags not working, range being unreliable and the app crashing time and again. It only goes on to imply that the developers still need to work on a few loose ends and smoothen out the wrinkles.

So next time you wish to prevent your cat from venturing into the neighbour’s garden or your toddler from embarking on an unsafe adventure, StickNFind is a device that could truly serve the purpose.

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