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Without a good enough tennis racquet that suits your style, you would never be able to achieve your potential as a tennis player. If a tennis player’s body and mind are mainly responsible for his game then his racquet proves to be his instrument of crime.

Therefore, selecting the best tennis racquet remains very important that suits your overall game play. Whenever a person starts playing tennis, the greatest problem lies with generating power. Therefore, for beginners, larger racquets with a size of around 105-130 sq inches remains the best as they provide a larger sweet spot and you won’t mishit most of the shots. However, if you believe that you can generate power on your own and that you are looking for more maneuverability then a smaller racquet of around 85-105 sq inches would be a better choice for you.

Another important aspect which needs to be considered when selecting a tennis racquet is the racquet’s material and overall weight. If you are more of a serve and volley player and like to move up to the net at every instance then choosing a handle-heavy racquet remains a better choice as it offers better maneuverability. On the other hand, if you love to play from the baseline then a head-heavy racquet would be a better option as it would bring a lot more power into your shots.

Most of the leading manufacturers in the game like Babolat, Head, Dunlop, Prince, Yonex and Wilson offer racquets of all types and you can easily browse through their collections to find a racquet that is according to your chosen specifications!

A few people were wondering about tennis racquet performance sensor technology, so we have included a review of QLIPP on Compare it Versus as well.

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We will be adding more racquets to the list in the coming days and weeks.

Stay tuned, in the near future, you will be able to compare and rank tennis racquets according to their user reviews and ratings, player level and preferences and surface type.

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