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The Galaxy S7 should be an amazing phone when it comes out in the coming months. Stay tuned to this page closer to the release date.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Background

Samsung Galaxy S7 is the name of the yet to be released smartphone model which is being labeled as a worthy successor of the S6 that has been recently launched. Like all products introduced by Samsung, the S7 is expected to be an epitome of imagination as far as technology is concerned and will offer innovative concepts in a way which is both responsible as also new.

Derived from the Korean Hanja dialect, ‘Samsung’ translates to three stars in English wherein three is representative of something truly powerful. True to its name, the Korean company which started out as a trading entity in 1938 grew into a global conglomerate within 30 years of having been established and at present spans several niches, electronics being one of them.

As an undisputed leader in several fields, Samsung is devoted to creating products that would impact the lives of its users in a positive way and thus benefit mankind in its entirety.

It was with this business ethic in mind that Samsung launched its Galaxy S series with Android serving as its base and soon acquired unparalleled fame wherein it was common to find 1 amongst every 10 mobile phone users to be carrying a Samsung device. Since then competition in this particular niche has grown exponentially but to its credit, Samsung has been able to hold its forte and continues to release innovative products, the Galaxy S7 being the latest in the series.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Specifications and Features

samsung galaxy s7Display – Awesome would be an ideal term to describe the display of Samsung Galaxy S7 courtesy of 4K showcase, screen measuring 5.5 inches and the software being Android 6.0.x. Additional information suggests that the display could be flexible and would definitely represent a big step in terms of innovation. The edge screen feature of the Samsung Galaxy S6 may be included in the S7.

HMP cyclone technology – This phrase had surfaced in context of Apple iPhones where the device comprised of a chip-set configured as per this technology which is understood by the phrase ‘little.Big.BIGGER’. As regards Samsung, it has been made known that the chip would be powerful enough to facilitate six instructions per cycle and hence is going to be an improvement over its predecessor, the Galaxy S6. It is also indicative of the fact that Samsung would be the first in the world to feature a chipset known as Exynos 7X range.

Processor – In a bid to render the S7 better than S6 in every way, Samsung has decided to equip the S7 with a processor named ‘True Octa-Core 3.X GHz’. Since it is far more advanced than the Qualcomm chip that Samsung had used for its earlier devices, the functionality of the phone is expected to be truly revolutionary and hence better that anything Apple could possibly offer.

Memory – In 2014, Samsung acquired a number of patents for micro-chips with the intention of having better technology at its disposal where future devices would be concerned. One such patent is the LDDR4 which is comprised of memory modules that account for up to 8 GB and roughly correspond to the RAM of 4 GB. So the nest step entails developing a module that is supportive of 6 GB RAM and this is likely to grace the Galaxy S7. The technology involved in generating more advanced chips is known as ‘lower nano scale’.

Camera – When it comes to camera, Samsung is probably one of the boldest in the arena and it intends to maintain its reputation with the Galaxy S7. Therefore, as compared to the Galaxy S6, S7 is likely to be equipped with a rear camera of 30 Megapixel value and a front-end camera of 7.x Megapixel. Another noteworthy feature in this regard would be the presence of a sensor with ultra low-light sensitivity and rotational system.

Battery – ‘Fast charging’ is the keyword where batteries of smartphones to be released in 2015 and thereafter are concerned and this is applicable to Samsung Galaxy S7 too. As per the official statement, this aspect is still under experimentation and answers pertaining to this specification are yet to be released.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumours

Because the Samsung Galaxy S7 is likely to hit the market at the same time as Apple’s iPhone 7, the market is rife with rumors pertaining to its functionality. According to analysts, for the S7 to perform well in the market, it has be at least a notch better than Apple and whether it lives up to these expectations is something that remains to be seen. In the absence of any official announcement from the company, much of the information is just guesswork and accurate details will only be available closer to its date of release.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date

Given the fact that the Galaxy S7 is going to be released only in 2016, it is still too early to predict the exact date as to when it would be unveiled. Under the circumstances, the safest bet would be to say that it will be launched sometime in March 2016 and this deduction has been made bearing in mind past trends followed by the company.

Every time a new smartphone comes into the market, people look forward to the new features that it is supposed to introduce and balance the offer against the price of the device. Samsung is in competition with Apple’s iPhones and hence needs to be better in terms of features if it is to maintain its leadership in the segment. Every model of the Galaxy S series has been released towards the end of first quarter of every year and it has been predicted that Samsung Galaxy S7 will be no exception to this rule. This implies that March 2016 should be the time frame when enthusiasts should keep a look-out for release date of Samsung’s latest offering.

Preliminary best guess release dates for the Samsung Galaxy S7 worldwide. Keep an eye out on the official Samsung website for official information closer to the date:

Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date in Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan – March 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date in North America / US / USA / Canada – March 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date in Europe (including UK, Serbia, Kazakhstan, France, Croatia, Belgium, Norway, Albania, Netherlands, Scotland, Ireland, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, Switzerland, Turkey, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Bosnia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Denmark, Latvia) – March 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date in Asia / Malaysia / South Korea / Singapore / Japan / China – March 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date in Oceania, Australia, New Zealand – March 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date in Brazil – March 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date in Africa – March 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 Price

Owing to its global presence, Samsung will have to gradually set the price of Galaxy S7 slowly in different currencies around the world. Therefore, this model, if similar to prices of the Samsung Galaxy S6, may be pegged at USD 1099 in USA, UK and Canada while the rest of Europe will pay 940 Euros to acquire it. Its cost in Australia could be AUD 1300 and Indian customers may have to shell out more than Rs.78,000 for buying it. Likewise, there are individual prices for South Africa, Indonesia and Malaysia and visiting the official website closer to the release date for the exact information is strongly recommended.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Reviews

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