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Duet by Protag


Chipolo Plus

What are some of the differences between Duet by Protag and Chipolo Plus?
The two share numerous similarities along with a few differences. Both the Duet and Chipolo plus are Bluetooth trackers, small convenient sized gadgets made with the aim to prevent important items like phones, keys, wallets and bags from getting lost.

Essentially, the aim of the products is the same.

Originating from Slovenia in Europe, a company called Chipolo has launched the Chipolo Plus. It is a promising new tracker which the designers market as the loudest Bluetooth tracker available on the market today. The Plus has a built in battery that lasts about a year. Read more about Chipolo Plus.

On the other side of the head to head to comparison, we put the Chipolo Plus up against Duet by Protag. The bright, colourful alternative bluetooth tracker option prides itself on reliability, compatibility and a good battery life (replaceable battery which lasts about six months but the Duet comes with a spare battery). Read more about the Duet by Protag.

Which tracker do you think is better?
Tell us which gadget you voted for and why you think it is better. Duet by Protag or Chipolo Plus? Help other readers make the most informed and suitable choice.

One user has added to Duet by Protag vs Chipolo Plus

  1. Chip says:

    I love my Duet by Protag. It looks good and it has been very reliable so far. I think the replaceable battery makes it better as you only have to replace the battery and not the whole machine every year. Has anyone tried the Chipolo Plus?

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