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Duet by Protag
How dependent are you on your phone? Because phones these days are not just meant for placing and receiving calls but serve as all in one digital diaries that carry everything from personal and social contacts to banking details and financial investments, losing them could be a nightmare that everyone would like to avoid.

It is with this in mind that Protag has introduced Duet, a wafer-thin square tablet with the dimensions of 1 inch in length and width and about 0.2 inches thickness.

Bright is how it should be as far as Duet is concerned and this explains why it comes in 5 bright shades with an option of black which was the manufacturer’s original choice. All you need to do is open the square shell, set the battery in its niche and ensure that it is properly settled by checking if the three red LED lights begin to flash.


Next, it is time to download the Protag app on your mobile phone and once the downloading and installation are complete, it is just a matter of time for both Duet and the app to respond to each other.

Once it is attuned to your mobile or your valuables, Duet would emit a loud enough beep for you to realize that you might have inadvertently left something behind. This is explained by the presence of a geofencing feature that is meant to send alerts the moment you move out of range. Thus, assuming you might have dropped your phone somewhere accidently or are basically a careless person who has a tendency to leave things behind, Duet is nothing short of a saviour that would remind you about having left something behind without meaning to.

Likewise, you can even tag your wallet or valuables on Duet wherein even the slightest hint of these moving away from you would result in beeps. So you need not worry about saying goodbye to your wallet forever if you have accidently left it in the café or your valuables when you are away from home.

Consistency is regarded as being the biggest plus point of Duet and this is best manifested by the fact that it never fails to beep every time you are at least 70 feet away from the tagged device. There are times when the beeping is triggered when the distance is close to 80 feet but beyond that the probability of losing contact is high. That said, the beep is relatively faint and you will need to attune yourself to the sound to be able to pick it up every time it is triggered. This might take a few days and you might have a problem picking it up even at close range.

Having moved beyond 80 feet and lost the signal, you will need to recover a distance of at least 20 feet towards the Duet in order to regain the signal.

On an average, the battery of the Duet is expected to last for about 8 months and beyond that there is another battery that comes as a part of the pack which can act as a replacement. So overall, you need not buy a battery for the first one year and start thinking only when it is close of one-and-half years of usage.

Some of the plus points that Duet by Protag boasts of are:
Prompt in terms of response – In-built speaker that the Duet is equipped with is prompt in terms of responding as soon as it detects movement going beyond its range. Therefore you can expect immediate beeping as soon as you move away from your phone, wallet or valuables.

Good battery life – A long battery life of 6 to 8 months is a big relief to the user as he is spared the hassle of changing batteries every now and then for the device to function at its best. Provision of an extra battery is also an added attraction as it translates into uninterrupted power supply for at least one year.

Connectivity – Thanks to its ability to work even in airplane mode, you can depend on Duet’s superb connectivity even while travelling.

One of the biggest drawbacks of Duet is that it is bound to beep even when you have deliberately left your phone behind, thus becoming a nuisance at times. Another point that has been observed is that its button is quite vulnerable to being pressed and sensitive enough to respond which means packing it in an already full handbag might not be a good idea. There have also been complains about the device losing its Bluetooth connection every time it is in close vicinity to other Bluetooth devices but this is yet to be proven in terms of consistency.

As long as the few issues are duly sorted out, Duet by Protag is a good asset to have by your side if you have a tendency to forget about picking your things before leaving.

Duet by Protag Reviews
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