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Tefal Cuisine Companion

Which is the better all in one kitchen appliance, Thermomix or Tefal Cuisine Companion? Tell us below!

Vorwerk’s Thermomix vs Tefal Cuisine Companion

Are you a professional chef or need an assistant in the kitchen? Today, we compare the two products that can do just that for you and your cooking.

Both of these top of the range products promise to give you the benefit of combining more than ten kitchen appliances into one easy to use, stylish product.

Like having an assistant in the kitchen, these machines are capable of chopping, mixing, beating, whipping, grinding, mincing, juicing, stirring, steaming/basic cooking, emulsifying, weighing, chopping and heating food. All in one compact unit.

Kind of like that kitchen appliance that you overhear others talking about that is very expensive to get but they can’t stop taking about once they have it. You throw a bunch of basic ingredients in the basket/ bowl and you return to see it ready to eat.

Let’s have a look at both of them individually and then compare them side by side. Then I would like you to tell me which one you think is better and get a bit of a debate going.

Thermomix vs Tefal Cuisine Companion

Which one would you choose?

Vorwerk’s Thermomix

The early Thermomix predecessors were designed in the 1970s based on multiple function mixers designed a decade earlier.

More than two hundred thousand units have been sold since then worldwide. It is made in France and owned by the German corporate group Vorwerk.

The units are particularly popular in Europe with endorsements from numerous chefs worldwide. At a price of a couple of thousand dollars, the items are often considered for professional/restaurant use but are accessible to the general public as well.

The successful sales strategy of Thermomix has always been through direct sales by aptly named “Thermomix consultants” who provide demonstration of the machine worldwide.

The makers say that Thermomix can be used to prepare complete meals without the need for any in depth culinary knowledge. The appliance can assist with most recipes and promise to turn an average cooking experience into something special.

With extensive online and offline resources offering numerous recipes and ways of using the Thermomix easily accessible with a touch of a button, Thermomix has been marketed as reinventing simplicity.

Thermomix includes the following attachments as standard: 2.2 litre bowl, Thermomix basket, 3.3 litre steamer basket, measuring cup, spatula, integrated included scales, whipping and reverse blade/kneading attachment and multiple automatic and manual cooking modules.

Retail price: between 1600 and 2100 Australian dollars depending on country purchased from and currency (subject to change, always check)

Thermomix all in one kitchen appliance information

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Tefal Cuisine Companion

Standing up against Thermomix, we have the Tefal Cuisine Companion, a French all in one kitchen appliance that promises to do as much for your cooking as the Thermomix.

Similar size to a coffee machine, the appliance is designed and manufactured in France by Tefal, a Groupe SEB product, the Cuisine Companion was released in early 2015 to the Australian market and is being sold exclusively through Harvey Norman currently.

Much like Thermomix, the machine promises to revolutionise the way you cook by assist with everyday cooking task including cutting, chopping, mixing, kneading, juicing, milling, cooking, steaming and heating. It also comes together with a “one million menus” recipe book for entrees, mains and deserts and online support.

The launch has been heavily marketed with television, radio, online and social media advertising and in store demonstration of the product widespread. Much like Thermomix, the Cuisine Companion has been marketed with numerous local chefs involved in the product launch.

The Cusine Companion has a button based user interface with a bowl for ingredients and multiple programmed automatic functions or a manual mode that gives you more control over every part of the cooking process.

Tefal offers a 2 year warranty on the Cuisine Companion, with the one million menus cookbook, spatula, whisking, whipping, crushing and emulsifying attachment, cleaning aid, scale, apron, an ultra blade and mixing attachment and apron.

Retail price: $1699 (subject to change, always check in store)

tefal cuisine companion

This Tefal appliance is standing up to the Thermomix

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Comparing the kitchen appliances side by side

Both all in one kitchen appliances are great additions to any kitchen and promise to ease and improve your culinary reach within a small, classy utility.

Being quite advanced, both can take some getting used to initially but with practice, will prove more and more useful to you in the kitchen.

all in one kitchen appliance, assistantTrust/ time on market:
With over 40 years of product manufacture, the Thermomix has been around for a longer period of time and proven itself over the years, whereas the Tefal Cuisine Companion is the new kid on the block, only released in 2015

Similar, Cuisine Companion has a 1550 watt motor compared to Themomix’s 1500 watts.

Both are quite good in the ease of cleaning department.

Thermomix can clean and dry itself. Most components of the Thermomix are dishwasher safe. Very easy.

In the Cuisine Companion, the blade attachments are easily removable from the appliance and safe to use in the dishwasher

Function/ quality/ performance:
Thermomix and the Tefal Cuisine Companion can both substitute numerous bulky kitchen appliances, create sorbet from fruit and ice or ice cream in minutes, mill, chop finely, grate, slow cook, blend many mixtures for baking, whip eggs, make cream and sauces with ease among many others.

Thermomix is also widely marketed to create flour and icing sugar and it is probably just a bit more versatile and robust. On the other hand, the Tefal Cuisine Companion is simpler to use and has a bigger bowl.

Which one is louder?
They are both similar and most of the time can barely be heard working in the background but the Cuisine Companion is overall just a bit quieter.

I will let you decide on which you find more stylish in appearance

Maximum temperature:
Comparing the maximum temperature, Thermomix has 120 degrees Celsius while the Tefal Cuisine Companion goes up to 130 degrees Celsius

The Thermomix has a high resolution, touch screen, multi line display while Tefal has more of a button based basic digital display

Tefal is available from Harvey Norman whereas Thermomix is acquired from Thermomix consultants after usually organising a demo of the product

Both Thermomix and Tefal Cuisine Companion are quite expensive and it is important to consider your individual needs and finances before making the plunge. The machine can save you some money over time if used properly but it is a genuine investment.

Generally speaking, the Thermomix is more expensive than the Cuisine Companion. In Australia, Thermomix retails at about 2089 Australian Dollars versus the Cuisine Companion’s 1699 Australian Dollars.

Warranty:Which is better
Thermomix includes a 24 month warranty if it is for domestic use and 12 month warranty if it is for commercial use. On the other hand, the Cuisine Companion has a 24 month warranty.

It is a close call for me. The slightly more expensive Thermomix offers a few more functions, albeit minor, compared to the Tefal and if I had to choose today, I would go for the Thermomix. I think the best way to choose would be to try both, have a go and decide with your taste buds and ease of use.

Which do you think is better, the Tefal Cuisine Companion or Thermomix?
Which all in one kitchen appliance is better? Tefal Cuisine Companion vs Thermomix?

Which one have you got or are you getting?

Tell us your experience and opinion below.

19 users have added to Compare Thermomix vs Tefal Cuisine Companion

  1. tina barton says:

    I have the thermomix…it has guided cooking so no going back and forth to a cook book..the screen says put flour in bowl then put in 1 litre of water then it sets time and heat and all u have to do is set turn speed..this chip has over 80 recipes the chip is attached to side of machine via a magnet at present in australia there are 2 different cookbooks in chip form with many more to come..there are alot of cookbooks available as well and that is manual cooking..I create now instead of cremate

  2. Lyn Waring says:

    I had a ‘thermie’ but we didn’t get along, I sold it for a lot less than I paid for it, 4 months later. I didn’t use it.

    I purchased the Tefal Cuisine Companion (CC) and I love it. I like the size of the bowl, the blades and how you drop them in, I can ‘sous vide’ quite comfortably in the CC (sold my Sunbeam ‘sous vide’ appliance – I use it all the time. Love it

  3. Liz says:

    I have recently purchased the Tefal Cuisine Companion and I’m very happy with it. I love the large capacity of the bowl and the ease with which it can be cleaned. The unit is attractive, not overly large, very quiet and simple to use.

    Some additional things to consider when making comparisons:

    TM5 motor speed – up to 10,700 RPM (Revolutions Per Minute)
    Tefal Cuisine Companion (CC) motor speed – up to 15,000 RPM

    TM5 programmable timer – up to 99 minutes
    Tefal Cuisine Companion (CC) programmable timer – up to 120 minutes

    Tefal Cuisine Companion (CC) has 6 fully adjustable preset programs: sauce, soup, slow cook, steam, pastry, dessert.

    Tefal Cuisine Companion has been on sale in Europe (under Moulinex brand name) since 2013 with strong demand and excellent reviews.

  4. Mandy says:

    The fact that the Thermomix has so many recipes built in on the chip that comes with the machine plus other recip books and chips makes it far more attractive to me.
    As a working mum with 3 kids, the guided cooking function using the recipe chips mean that anyone from myself, my husband or my children can prepare a healthy dinner with ease.
    I also appreciate that I can ring my consultant anytime I need hints, tips or inspiration. The cookig classes Thermomix run are great too.

  5. Leelee says:

    I debated for over a year about buying a Thermomix but once I saw the Cuisine Companion I knew I had to own it. Tefal has really hit the nail on the head with this beauty. My husband who in all the years we have been married only cooked once has started making dinner. The recipes are not only easy to follow but oh so tasty. Its so easy to use and clean. I ordered it and had it in less then a week. I am very happy with My C.C. and highly recommend it .

  6. Aquabunny says:

    I recently bought a Cuisine Companion and I love it. I have been to a Thermomix demo. And friends have a Thermomix, but I bought the tefal because of price. Both are great appliances, the only thing the Thermomix does better is mill flour, which honestly I was never going to do. the online and product support is better for a Thermomix but I have had fun experimenting and have had great results. I would definitely recommend the cuisine companion.

  7. Madeleine Egan says:

    I have had thermomix for several years the TM 31 and now the the TM 5
    I run a busy B&B and would not be without its like having an extra pair of hands
    I very rarely use the hob for sauces, risottos now
    Milling lentils for soup gravy casseroles etc is unbelievable, having a built in weighing scales is an added benefit
    All my other appliances in the kitchen have gone, how could I manage without it……..
    As to the Tefal Cuisine Compaion I don’t know Thermomix has been going for a long time with a proven record, the jury is out let’s see if the new kid on the block has what it takes….

    • Donna says:

      What are the differences in the 2 models of thermomix, i want one but was thinking the tm31 is $900 second hand and this way if I dont use it is not a huge waste and if I do I could still upgrade later

  8. Emily says:

    I can’t comment on the Thermomix, however was bought the Cuisine Companion a few months ago and now can’t imagine my kitchen without it! I use it to chop pretty much everything and have made some great desserts. Once you get the hang of the instructions, it’s really easy to use. Would highly recommend – worth the money.

  9. Denise Flannery says:

    I am an aged pensioner and price is totally relevant. I have ulcerative colitis and one of the main features I require is to make almond flour as it, like everything specific, is outrageously expensive, ie approx $100 for 10 kilos. Can anyone tell me if the Tefal CC can handle this. I’ve read that the Thermomix is the only one that can cope with this task. Thanks!

    • Julie says:

      It would depend how fine you want your flour. I have certainly managed it fine for baking purposes. I also mill brown rice to make my own rice milk.

  10. Craig says:

    To address the question above it can mill almonds to a flour/meal but the thermomix can do it quicker. I find the Tefal’s blades less useful than the thermomix’s – they chop less efficiently/quickly and it can’t get sugar as fine as the TM. I got mine at a demo price so am quite happy with it but if I was paying full price it would have been a TM hands down. I am an ex-TM demonstrator aswell

  11. Neo H says:

    Can I check if anyone has used the cuisine companion to brown onions, meat or nuts? I have a thermomix and find that maximum temperature of 120 is insufficient to brown food.

  12. Natalie Smith says:

    I dont own either of these machines and was interested to read the comparison as Im about to buy. Sadly none of the comments made mention of multi-tasking and I see the Tefal doesnt come with a steaming basket. And it would seem that TM is more automated than the CC
    Ive been to 3 TM demos so have a good idea of its capabilities. Unfortunately there isnt a Harvey Norman near me that does demos so only have these forums as guides and youtube videos
    If its $2180 for TM and $1700 for CC but it doesnt come with a steaming basket (have to buy extras separately) then price is going to be much of a muchness.
    Can anyone post comments on the CC’s multitasking abilities please.
    If the CC cant be fully automated and multitask and there isnt a steaming basket, I think Ive just made my decision. Feedback anyone, please?

    • NadineU says:

      I’m researching too..
      The Tefal CC does come with a steamer, you can also buy an additional top steamer.

    • Hendrina says:

      Hi Natalie, I am currently looking at the tefal as I saw it at harvey norman yesterday it is on sale for $1299 at the moment and you get the steamer attachment and a shredder slicer attachment valued at $348 for free! It’s a mothers day promotion so has to be purchased before May 31st to get those extras. I think the steamer on this one is better than the thermomix one from what I have read, its stainless steel & has a couple of sections to it. I have seen Harvey Norman run these promotions a couple times in the year so maybe worth buying it when you can get the extra’s for free. I am thinking the Tefal as you can also use the interest free option at harvey norman so it will be like $30 a month or something depending ofcourse how many months the interest free is at the moment it is 50 months. I am going back this afternoon to have a look again & try to decide if I really NEED it or just WANT it ha ha! I’m not much of a cook and actually despise cooking but I am wanting something for soups and I would like to make more things from scratch for my kiddies.

      Anyhoo, hope that helps your decision a bit.

      PS I have no idea how old this thread is so I may be years too late lol

  13. Marilyn Toussaint says:

    I am an Aged Pensioner but, very alert. I have not been well and tend not to eat properly. I love the look and convenience of the Tefal CC. Would I find it economical cooking foe one?

    • Lizzy says:

      I have a thermomix which is very similar. It has reduced by food bill substantially – but you might need to change how you eat i.e. more soups, stews, pizza bases ect.

  14. Ella Rambles says:

    The Tefal cook4me is $329. It cooks faster and is a butt load cheaper.

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