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Eden Hazard


Steven Gerrard

Which soccer player is better? Discuss it!

Steven Gerard is a 34 year old Liverpool player and captain. He started his career in 1998 in Liverpool and he is considered as biggest club legends. He plays as central midfielder and is one of best freekick takers in the world. He scored 111 goals in 476 games for Liverpool. Gerrard played for the England national team from 2000-2014 and after a bad performance at the World Cup in Brazil, he decided to stop playing for England.

On the other side we have Eden Hazard, a perspective 23 year old Belgian winger who is currently playing for Chelsea FC. He came from Lille in 2012 and is considered as one of biggest talents in English Premiership. He scored 27 goals in 81 game for Chelsea and he already became key player in Mourinho’s squad.

So who do you think is better? Legend Gerrard or new star Hazard? You decide.

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  1. Anubis Crisis Justice says:

    Well Steven Gerrard is the best Liverpool FC Player and Eden Hazard is the best Chelsea FC Player. Eden Hazard won more awards than Steven Gerrard but Gerrard captained Liverpool FC to the 2005 UCL Final. Both Team won the UCL but Chelsea is Better than Liverpool. Is just that Gerrard is a better midfielder than Hazard while Hazard is better at attacking than Gerrard.

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