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Careful it is an adjective formed by two words, namely care and full. The possible meanings of the word are:

1. Exercising caution, being cautionary, ensuring avoidance of potential dangers or taking precautions.

2. Something that is done with or showing care, thought and attention

Careful is the correct spelling and form of the adjective.

An incorrect form of the word is ‘carefull’ which is a spelling mistake. This form appeared because of the combination of two words: care and full. People think about these two parts individually and spell it like this, meaning with double L at the end.

The only correct form of the word is careful. The form with the double L is considered a mistake and it is not accepted on the global platform.

English spelling can be incredibly tricky and this remains true even for native English speakers. This is because English language is not a purely phonetic language and there are multiple instances of rule exceptions.

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