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Comparing Coles and Woolworths, who has the better value? Tell us why!

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Woolworths vs Coles in Australia:

Let’s look at some differences between the two Australian supermarket giants, Woolworths and Coles.

Background of Woolworths and Coles

Woolworths opened its initial store in Sydney in December 1924. It was called the famous Stupendous Bargain Basement unit at the Imperial Arcade on Pitt Street. Woolworths has since become the largest food retailer in Australia with 933 locations across Australia. Woolworths Limited employs close to 200 thousand people.

Woolworths has kept with the times, using latest technological developments to offer quality service to its customers including the online Fresh Food website which provides features for personalised meal plans and more than two thousand recipes and dietary advice. They also have a highly developed online shopping facility.

Coles is one of the largest supermarket chains in Australia. It is owned by Wesfarmers. Coles was established in 1914 in Victoria and runs approximately 741 stores throughout Australia with over 100 thousand employees. Like Woolworths, it offers a successful online shopping facility with selected discounts and incentives through its affiliation with Flybuys.

Side by side comparison

Both Woolworths and Coles own a considerable share of the grocery market in Australia and they are using their position to monopolise on the average consumer. Woolworths does seem to have an edge over Coles in its size and marketing strategies. For example, raspberry growers in Australia have all gone to Woolworths and consolidated its position at the top in the grocery sector. Woolworths owns the only grocery distributorship, for example, in Tasmania where Coles has to rely on imports from mainland.

These two chains have taken such a lead in the market that no other country in the world except Australia has such a large percentage of the dry groceries market under the control of just two supermarket chains. They employ a combined workforce of nearly four hundred thousand Australians.

Delivery options

Both supermarkets offer delivery. Check their websites for up to date deals as they may change.

Woolworths – Delivery is free only if the order amount exceeds $300. Price for delivery based on sliding scale until then. Delivery saver card available to prepay in order to get cheaper deliveries and all free above 100 dollars.

Coles – At the moment, you can manage your first delivery free. After that, you will get free delivery on all orders that exceed $100 when you pay with a Coles’ MasterCard and on Wednesdays currently.

Compare Prices and Value:
Let’s compare prices of Woolworths vs Coles supermarkets (small number of random products reviewed, by no means scientific, make sure you check for yourself):

Bakery Products example
Tip Top Sunblest White Mini Loaf – Coles ($2.50)/Woolworths ($2.50)

Passion Fruit – Coles ($1.50)/ Woolworths ($0.75)
Bananas – Coles ($0.63 each)/ Woolworths ($0.54 each)

Meat Products
Lamb Fore Quarter Chops (1.3 Kg.) – Coles ($9.35)/ Woolworths ($ 10.39)

Pantry Products
Cadbury Crunchie Share Pack (Twelve-pack) – Coles ($5.05)/ Woolworths ($4.59)
Twinings Black Tea Lady Grey Tea Bags (10pk 20g) – Coles ($1.24)/ Woolworths ($1.50)

Freezer Products
Peters Ice Cream Neapolitan (Two litre units) – Coles ($4.00)/ Woolworths ($5.69)

Pet Foods
Dine Cat Food – Wet Beef & Liver in gravy (85 grams) – Coles ($1.09) / Woolworths ($1.06)

Australian Gourmet Traveller Magazine – Coles ($8.95)/Woolworths ($8.95)

[These prices were taken in end of February 2015]

What do you think?

In your experience with Coles and Woolworths, which do you think is the better supermarket?

Let us know below.

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