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Tefal Cuisine Companion


Thermochef Natura

Which is the better kitchen appliance, Tefal Cuisine Companion or Thermochef Natura? Tell us below!

Tefal Cuisine Companion vs Thermochef Natura
Boosting versatility to produce multiple dishes all with a less spacey small helper in your kitchen is something our minds wouldn’t have accepted in the past. Due to a challenging period and less time at hand, more and more appliances work towards making our chores and tasks easy for us.

Similarly, having not two, not three, but all in one kitchen appliance frees its users from the extra lumber of washing manifold dishes and squandering your time on small tasks such as, chopping, cutting, slicing etc. Have a look at the two most extensively used all-in-one kitchen appliances.

Tefal Cuisine Companion and Thermochef Natura
A side by side comparison of both ‘kings’ of the kitchen:
The Tefal Cuisine Companion not only is a great addition to your kitchen in terms of technology, but it takes cooking dishes to a whole new level.

Being known as the ‘processor on steroids’, it does not let you second guess your preference and delivers a fulfilling, scrumptious feast each time. Whereas the Thermochef, most commonly known as the cheaper and more affordable alternative of the more extravagant brands is said to be price efficient and deliver quality matchable to its competitors.

What each one does?
Both of these sturdy machines are able to:
– Make delicious sorbets
– Whisk any mixture of any consistency
– Knead your dough for you
– Chop any veggie or fruit very finely
– Slow cook your food for you
– Steam and melt anything
– Thicken your ice cream mixtures for you
among many other unique feaututes.

Some hand-picked comparisons (ensure you check the websites of both these products to ensure this information is correct):
– The temperature of Tefal companion goes up to a 130 and the Thermochef can go up to 100 degrees.
– Tefal is a French babe, whereas the Thermochef is a Chinese rough and tough hulk.
– Both of these appliances have digital display screens and come with a recipe book include in the package.
– Tefal Cuisine Companion comes with six programs, ranging from soups till desserts and comes in turbo & manual modes, whereas the Thermochef Natura comes with a manual mode where you can set your desired time and temperature.
– Tefal Cuisine has a bowl with a capacity of 2.5L and Thermochef Natura comes with a bowl of 2L.
– Soups in both of these appliances take about 10 minutes and sauces about 2-3 minutes.
– These babies come with a 2-year warranty too.
– Tefal Cuisine has separate scales that measure up to 1 gram and Thermochef Natura has inbuilt integrated scales that let you measure and work with them at the same time.

Easier to clean?
The Tefal cuisine comes with blade attachments that make room by popping out easily, allowing for easy dishwasher cleaning. Coming to the Thermochef, the blades and the lid are dish-wash safe but its jug comes with electronic connectors on its base that connect it to its motor, so that one is a hand wash.

Which one is quieter?
All processors make some kind of sound while they work, as these two do too. Based on our experience, there is no major difference in the noise these two products produce. Tefal Cuisine has a mild sound when it is working and similarly, the Thermochef Natura whizzes its way when working on your dish. We are quite sure you will not be irritated by the sound of either one.

Some Selected Features of the Tefal Cuisine:
• It has a motor of 50/60Hz 500W.
• Automatically shuts off when overloaded.
• It comes with:
– Mixer
– Ultra blade knife
– Crushing & Kneading blade
– Steam basket
– Spatula
– A bowl
• Tefal Cuisine comes with a 7 days money back guarantee.
• A cookbook that has a million menus.

Some Unique Features of the Thermochef Natura:
• It has a motor power of 500W.
• The bowl has heating and temperature sensors to automatically detect any change.
• It ‘beeps’ when the device starts or finishes up any dish.
• It has a ‘turbo mode’ that speeds up the machine to blend/grind at its highest speed.
• It has a pause button to pause between cooks and also comes with a slip mat.
• It comes with:
– Instruction Manual
– Steamer tray
– Butterfly Whisk
– Spatula
– Basket.

If you are into more automated and guided cooking to prepare some fancy dishes, you ought to give the Tefal Cuisine a go but if you’ll stick around for making your own recipes and cutting back on all small chores like chopping, grinding etcetera, then you ought to go for the Thermochef Natura.

Either way, go for the unit that suits your cooking skills and profile, whilst keeping a keen eye on your pocket.

Which one do you think is better?

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