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Sony Mobile is a subsidiary of Sony Corporation, the giant electronics corporation. This division was previously called Sony Ericsson Mobile. Sony Mobile is a mobile phone manufacturing concern that focuses on Xperia mobiles. This range began with the Windows Mobile Operating System; it later shifted to Android and is an important part of the market of smart phones today.


After the Walkman Series of the Sony Ericsson brand, Sony mobile phones have been making headlines after the launch of their new Xperia series of smart phones as they have been acclaimed for being excellent in high intensity and gaming graphics. Sony has come out with some of the highly desirable mobile phones that work on Android in these Xperia series. These phones are packed with latest innovations; they have set new standards for capturing images in the world of smart phones by inducting Sony’s Cyber-Shot technology. They have a faster multi-core processor and a sleek design. Xperia series also allow users to go for a range of budget mobile phones to get a fabulous user experience at affordable prices.

Sony Xperia Z4v and its buzz
This is an exclusive smart phone for Verizon Wireless. Sony is going full steam ahead with its ability to allow the users to stream and play, remotely, all PlayStation 4 games. It is the major selling point for this device as it has already started a buzz in the smart phones markets in the world.

Z4v will offer the whistles and bells that go with a flagship smart phone. It will give a range of sharp display along with a superior 20.7 megapixel camera shooter. It is quite surprising that the sales of Sony mobile phones lag far behind those of Samsung and Apple. The company needs to create its brand awareness at a higher level on the world platform. It has now started to educate the retail staff on the features of its mobile phone products. It has also started to take more interest in consumer benefits in addition to listing out the special features.

The highly anticipated release of the Xperia Z5 could prove to be another hit from Sony.

Unlocked Phones
Many consumers have stopped wasting money on the services and the minutes on their mobile phones that they are not using. They have started to bank on smart phones that are unlocked. Sony mobile phones offer them that smart facility so that the wireless expenses are driven down on the monthly recurring basis. With unlocked means, the users have the additional advantage of switching things with new upgrades whenever they feel like and not when they are directed to.

Creating Waves
Sony mobile phones have been creating waves in the smart phone market after they have introduced some of the most highly sophisticated and innovative smart phones to come out in recent years. Sony is one of the pioneers in the manufacture of mobile phones that are famous for being water resistant. Their cell phones are loaded with few outstanding features as they allow the users to work on them, take photos from them, play games on them and also surf the web on them. The users can be thoroughly entertained while they are on the move. With brilliant display and fast processors, users can expect a great experience.

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