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HTC Mobile phones were launched by High Tech Computer Corporation in New Taipei City in 1997. HTC manufactures both Windows Mobile and Android based smart phones. It is a multinational manufacturer of smart phones based in Taiwan. It started as a manufacturer of original designs and equipment. It designed and manufactured mobile phones, touch screen phones and Personal Digital Assistants that were based on Windows Mobile Operating System and Brew MP emphasizing on market to mobile network operators who were interested in paying contract manufacturers for all customised products.

Since 2011, HTC mainly markets and releases all its smart phones under its HTC brand. As of April of this year, the global market share for HTC in smart phones has gone up to 7.2% as a result of strong sales of HTC One Desire and M8 series (there are high hopes for the HTC One M10 due for release).

A Fairy Tale Story
HTC Mobile phones have had a fairy tale sort of a story in the global market. Ever since it started over eighteen years ago, the progress has been from being one of low key providers of hardware equipment for Windows mobiles to being one of the giants in smart phones that are powered by Windows and Android operating systems.

In 1999, it launched the famous Color palm-sized personal computer and it has not looked back since then. Experts in the IT field sat up and began to take notice. HTC has the recognition of giving the world many `firsts’; it was the first to design he wireless and touch hand mobile phones. HTC also developed the first smart phone powered by Microsoft in 2002. It gave the world the first Microsoft 3G mobile phone in 2005.

Apart from making some of the best touch screen mobile phones, HTC has also designed QWERTY phones such as HTC Snap and HTC Chacha and the S 740. Its touch screen devices that are Android based such as HTC Desire X and HTC Wildfire have become famous for using quality material in their designs. These mobile phones use advanced Android systems and quality processors along with high-tech cameras and some of the best high resolution screens to give the users a complete smart phone experience. HTC has picked up the Device Manufacturer of the Year awards a couple of times.

Multiple SIMs
HTC also manufactures mobile phones that function on more than a single SIM card such as the HTC One Dual SIM and HTC Desire 600 Dual SIM series. What makes HTC stand out from other mobile phone brands is their superior sound quality, mainly because of the inclusion of Beats Audio. Other important services that are being offered by HTC in its latest offerings include an access to the Dropbox services in cloud storage concepts. After Samsung and Apple, HTC is the next preferred choice by all consumers around the world. This is mainly because HTC has been making mobile phones that are customer centric. It makes use of technology that is high end but quite simple to use. This is one of the main reasons why this brand is popular among people. An example of its people centric ideology is the Facebook Home integration with its mobile phones.

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