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Differences between dating sites
Dating has always been a challenging topic to comprehend. There is no specific formula as to how to meet a person you can actually potentially spend the rest of your life with. Our parents and grandparents had to put up with that, but with online dating on the rise, things are different for the millennials, and even older generations are jumping right in.

In this modern world, we now acknowledge this called “the modern love”, and it is as modern as it could get. You can now get involved with online dating, and it is not as taboo as how it seemed before. It isn’t unheard of to know couples who have started their romantic five-year relationship with just a swipe to the right, and here is why it’s been a hit for the kids:

1. You can do it anywhere. Everyone has smartphones now, and everyone can just download applications that aim to make you meet someone you might be interested in dating. Dating applications like Tinder, Paktor, and Skout have been booming in the digital world, and all you have to do is go to your app store/play store and download the app. You don’t have to literally show up to screen the people you would want to meet. You can see most if not everything in their online profiles.

2. You can easily filter to suit your preferences. Do you like someone your age? Do you prefer someone who likes the same music as you do? Are you into dog lovers? If these are not in the person’s profile, it is very easy to just ask them through chatting up with them. Striking up a conversation is easy, and you can ask about that person more by actually talking to them. It lessens the possibility of knowing later on that they don’t like cats after several dates.

3. It’s easy to show your true self. The thing about online dating is that you don’t have to face that person immediately. As mentioned, striking up a conversation can be as easy as typing “Hi”. This is good for people who are not outgoing or who are intensely introverted. It makes dating a level-playing field.

However, even though online dating seems to be the “it” thing now because of all its benefits, it could have damaging and dangerous disadvantages. For instance:

1. Deception is easy. You can be whoever you want to be in the digital world, and many people may think like you. They can pretend to be someone they are not, and it would come as a surprise that they actually aren’t the way they market themselves to be in real life. That would be such a drag if you already like their cyber-self.

2. It could be unsafe. Malicious people are everywhere, and now that they know everyone’s going through their phones to date people online, these people with bad intentions take advantage of it. We’ve heard horror stories that people pretend to be harmless people on dating apps, but when they meet you, they are probably just too creepy and crazy.

Compare and Contrast: Dating Apps
Dating is tricky, and we all know that. You don’t know if you are really doing great and hitting it off or everything just fell apart on your first date. You aren’t even sure if you are going to have a second date, or if he or she actually thinks you’re worth talking to. Good thing online dating has become a thing now, and you can lessen the possibility of wasting time and being such a nervous wreck without even knowing the person yet. Not sure which platform you should be using? Here are some reviews and comparisons to probably help make up your mind.

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