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Warrior is an American company that manufactures football boots and apparel. It is based in Michigan and has only recently ventured out in the football boot manufacturing and merchandising business. However, the company is progressing at a rapid rate and is set to become a major force in this industry in the coming years.

Warrior was primarily a manufacturer of equipments used in ice hockey. As of 2012, the company has set foot in the football footwear manufacturing business and has signed sponsorship deal with Liverpool FC.

Skreamer is the newest and the most recent football boot to have been launched by Warrior. This boot is made from a highly upgraded and lightweight material, Pebax 400 which provides the outsole of the boot unparalleled solidity so that the wearer’s stability in never compromised even at high speeds. This boot is extremely light in weight but has ferocious striking power thanks to a Vamped ArrowHead fore foot design.

Vincent Kompany, Mauro Fellaini and Jonas Gutierrez are among the players who prefer to wear the football boots manufactured by Warrior.

Warrior soccer Boots Reviews:
Warrior Skreamer S-Lite

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