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Let’s have a look at the latest rumours about the upcoming release of the Microsoft Lumia 940.

Microsoft Lumia 940 Background Info

Microsoft Lumia 940 is slated as being the latest device in the Lumia mobile series which is an outcome of long standing partnership between Microsoft and Nokia. As a result of an agreement between the two companies that was signed in 2011, Lumia smartphones manufactured by Nokia were meant to run on Windows Operating System created with mobile platform in mind. This arrangement continued till April 2014 when Microsoft purchased the entire mobile division from Nokia and became the sole owner of the Lumia series of mobile phones.

Lumia is a plural derivative of the Finnish word ‘lumi’, meaning snow, and the first Microsoft Lumia model namely 535 made its appearance in November, 2014. However, contrary to the company’s dominance in the desktop arena wherein its OS is one of the most popular brands, the mobile segment has been an Achille’s heel wherein its OS is hardly used. As compared to competitors like Apple iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 which runs on Android, Microsoft OS for mobile platform holds a little more than 2% of the market share which in itself is miniscule.

In spite of having acquired the business from Nokia, Microsoft continued to release Lumia models that comprised of ‘Nokia’ as a brand. With Lumia Beamer being the last of the Nokia brand name, this practice came to an end once and for all in October 2014 when Microsoft released its first model under the company’s own name, the Microsoft Lumia 535. However, this failed to bring about a difference in the company’s mobile business fortunes which continued to remain at the bottom of the table.

It was in November 2014 that Microsoft made an announcement that all Microsoft Lumia models would receive an upgrade regarding their operating system from 8 and 8.1 to their latest OS, namely Windows 10. Microsoft is hoping that incorporation of the latest operating system will bring about the much-needed turnaround in its fortunes, especially when it comes to competing with the Android-based devices that are currently dominating the smartphone niche.

Microsoft Lumia 940

Microsoft Lumia 940 Features and Specifications

With two devices being released simultaneously, it can only be said that users’ attention is going to be divided between the Microsoft Lumia 940 and its superior version, the 940 XL. As of now the only visible difference is likely to be in the screen size wherein the Lumia 940 will feature a 5.2-inch screen while this will be increased to 5.7 inches in case of the Lumia 940 XL.

That said, following are some of the specifications which are likely to grace the Microsoft Lumia 940:

Screen – Probably measuring 5.2 inches, the screen is likely to be full HD and constructed with Gorilla Glass 4 technology, thus promising clarity and durability.

Memory – Lumia 940 may to be equipped with a 3 GB RAM and there is an option for additional storage in form of 32, 64 and 128 GB.

Processor – This model is likely to be equipped with Snapdragon 805 processor measuring 2.7 GHz so that it is able to fulfil all the functions that are being provided. Microsoft is particularly keen on the fact that the processor should be supportive of Windows 10 and ensure that users have a good experience while using the device.

Camera – A ground breaking feature of the Lumia 940 could be the PureView camera and owing to this, the Lumia 940 is likely to be equipped with a LED Flash, video recording feature at 4K and 60 fps, a rear camera measuring 25 Megapixel and a front camera measuring 5 Megapixel. Courtesy of this feature, not only will the phone take clear and sharp ‘selfies’ as is the demand today but also facilitate good quality recordings.

Battery – Provision of a 3250 mAh battery is meant to ensure that duration for recharging will not be as long and the phone will be able to last long on a single charge cycle.
Security – With cybercrimes and hacking on the increase, security and safety of information stored in the phone is an utmost concern and to this effect, Microsoft is installing an iris scanner in the Microsoft Lumia 940. Users will have to go through this scanner to unlock the phone and retrieve its content.

Overall, the device is likely to be a narrow handset which would be 8.5 mm thick and comprise of a screen ratio of 16 to 8.5 wherein the remaining space will be dedicated to displaying information. There would be buttons to perform various functions and additional features include a NANO SIM tray and USB type-C connector.

Microsoft Lumia 940 Rumours

Usually rumours pertaining to smartphones dwell on features and innovative inclusions but in case of Microsoft Lumia 940, maximum amount of guesswork is about its date of release. Both Lumia 940 and 940 XL were supposed to have been released in the summer of 2015 but at a conference held in April, 2015, Microsoft announced a delay in the date of release. The reason cited was the gradual development of Windows 10 software package wherein the OS was first being developed for desktops and then it would be rendered compatible with the mobile platform.

There are other rumours too pertaining to features and specifications included in the phone like iris scanner and dimensions of the screen but there has been virtually no confirmation from the company’s end regarding these aspects.

Microsoft Lumia 940 Release Dates

July/ August 2015 are being marked as months that will witness the release of Microsoft Lumia 940 and its superior version 940 XL. True though it is that the model was scheduled for being released in April, Microsoft announced at a BUILD conference that there would be a delay courtesy of the company’s decision to apply Windows 10 on desktop PCs’ first.

Microsoft Lumia 940 Release Dates around the world (according to our analysis of date of release rumours, dates subject to change of course):

Microsoft Lumia 940 Release Dates for Oceania – Australia, New Zealand
? September 2015

Microsoft Lumia 940 Release Dates for North America – Canada, United States
? October 2015

Microsoft Lumia 940 Release Dates for Europe – Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
? September 2015

Microsoft Lumia 940 Release Dates for Asia – Hong Kong (China), Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore
? October 2015

Microsoft Lumia 940 Price

Speculations about the price have pegged the Microsoft Lumia 940 at approximately GBP 499 which is less than the launch price of its predecessor, Lumia 930. Reduced price range is explained as Microsoft’s strategy to push the Windows 10 software so that it is able to attain at least a respectable market share in the mobile segment too.

Likewise, the price for Microsoft Lumia 940 XL is being placed at around GBP 100 more than the 940. This calculation is based on the price difference between the Microsoft Lumia 640 and 640 XL although the difference was bridged if the devices were purchased at Microsoft’s store.

Microsoft Lumia 940 Reviews

Give us your reviews of the Microsoft Lumia 940. Rate the features of the Microsoft Lumia 940 in the comments below.

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