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What are lost item GPS or Bluetooth trackers, finders or locators?
How reliant are you daily on your mobile phone, bag, wallet or keys? The mere thought of losing one of these would ruin my day as the consequences can be both costly and timely. It is safe to say my day would be ruined.

This is exactly where lost item trackers step in. These ingenious gadgets offer promise to all of us forgetful humans who have a tendency to forget where they have placed their things. Whether it is your key, phone or pet, finding them in a hurry can be essential to our day.

The tiny trackers, generally small enough to fit on a standard key chain or even stick onto your phone connect to your Android or iPhone phone via Bluetooth to guide you to their location, alert you when your valuables are close by or in danger of being left behind.

A range of lost item finders exists on the market. While the Tile, Trackr and Duet by Protag are the more established gadgets, numerous other new and old competitor products with slightly different specs and unique features exist to tempt you.


This section of Compare it Versus is dedicated to reviews and comparisons of a number of the most popular and used lost item trackers available today.

It is important to find the right wireless object finder that suits your needs. What kind of thing should you think about before buying a tracker?

One of the most important factors to consider is the shape, size and design of the trackers. Whether the tracker will go on your key chain, fit into your wallet or attach to your phone will already go a long way in narrowing down your choice. What are the dimensions of the tracker? Do you like the style? Does the colour appeal to you? Does the piece have any indicator lights?

Compatibility: As the trackers rely on apps downloaded to your smartphone, check the apps are compatible with your phone initially. Look into the layout of the app and decide if it seems user friendly to you.

Volume: Depending on where you will use the gadgets, test or find out how loud the signal is.

Find out about the battery life of the tracker. Check how long the batteries in the devices last and whether you have to replace them. If the batteries are replaceable, are they easy to access? If they are not replaceable, what is the cost of ordering new ones? Is there a discount if you are upgrading from your current set?

What is the tracking range of the device? This is important as once the connection between you phone and the device is lost, the items are out of range and cannot be located. The speed of the connection also comes into it.

Check if the tracker has any special features that appeal to you. Examples include indicator lights, special sounds and dual finding feature that let you also locate your mobile phone using the lost item tracker.

Rather then us telling you which ones we consider best, we are letting you decide by letting us know your opinions and experiences with these nifty gadgets.

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