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Let’s analyse the latest rumours regarding the highly anticipated LG G5 phone from LG. Stay tuned closer to the release date for more information.

LG G5 Background

LG G5 is what the latest mobile device offered by Korea based LG Electronics Inc will likely be named when it is launched on the international market sometime next year.

Mobile devices form just one of the five departments of this global electronic giant which is more or less undisputed in the home appliance niche and manufactures televisions, refrigerators and home entertainment systems among other electronic products.

As compared versus tech based companies like Apple and Microsoft, it was after the first decade of the new millennium that LG ventured into the mobile phone market and its first mobile launch occurred in 2013. Since then, it has diversified into smartphones and tablets and also went on to launch a smart watch in 2014 named the LG G Watch. Next in the series of smart gadgets was HomeChat which is a messaging service based on ‘LINE’ messenger app in South Korea.

In spite of being a latecomer in the segment, LG’s experimentation with mobile devices has been nothing short of spectacular and subsequent to its first introduction G2 in 2013, the company took only eight months to come up with next improved version in form of G3. Like all other smartphone releases in 2014, LG’s product was also an epitome of technological advancement but just stopped short of being truly revolutionary. This deficiency is likely to be fulfilled through the next two releases namely G4 and G5 which are scheduled to be launched in 2015.

LG G5 Features and Specifications

Despite LG G4 literally waiting in the wings for release, it is actually the LG G5 model that people are waiting for courtesy of the new concept that it appears to be based on. In addition to features like unparalleled visuals and lightening swift processors that have rendered the LG series of mobile phones popular, G5 is believed to take things a step further. With this model, LG intends to push its frontiers by integrating the mobile phone with other peripherals, primarily television and tablets.

The following are some of the specs and features which the LG G5 is expected to be equipped with:

Display – If the G3 display was regarded as being nothing short of superb, G4 is likely to score even higher on this count, meaning the G5 will probably provide the ultimate display. Other aspects that the LG G5 is expected to be superior to G4 pertain to the screen size and quality of screen. As opposed to 5.7 inches sported by G4, G5 is likely to follow the recent trend of increasing display screen sizes of its competitors and feature a screen measuring 6 inches made of sapphire glass, thus assuring durability.

Processor – LG has always shown faith in a strong processor and its latest models G4 and G5 are no exceptions to this rule. As per this, G4 is expected to feature a 64-bit-808-chipset and G5 is likely to be equipped with 64-bit-810-chipset and hence will be capable of supporting a RAM of 5 GB.

Operating System – Android has been a constant with LG in terms of all its models and is going to feature in G5 too, the only question being that of the version. While Android 6 was the original choice, it was soon replaced by Android 5.0.1 owing to the fact that Google will launch an updated version very close to the release date of G5.

Battery – Given the wide range of powerful features that G5 is expected to be equipped with, it is imperative to install a powerful battery and something to the tune of 4000mAh, which is stronger than G3 and G4 seems to be a perfect fit for the plethora of functions.

Memory – Going by the trend, G3 series was launched featuring a RAM of 2 GB and 3 GB respectively, G4 is likely to feature 4GB RAM and hence G5 should feature a RAM of 5 GB. This implies that the RAM is going to be difficult to support and it remains to be seen if the G5 lives up to the challenge of functioning effortlessly with this RAM.

Camera – Nowadays it has become a must for every mobile phone to feature a great quality camera and in case of models that are scheduled to launch in 2015, the camera needs to be particularly powerful because of the selfie craze. So while the front camera would be 8 to 10 megapixels, the back camera will range between 25 and 30 megapixels, a far cry even from G4 which has been getting good grades for the camera.

LG G5 rumours specs

What improvements on the G4 will there be in the G5?

LG G5 Rumours

One of the first rumours pertaining to LG G5 is about its release date and guesswork by analysts predicts to a release in the first half of 2016. That said all indications point towards a phone that is expected to be faster, durable, more efficient and definitely an improved version where clarity of images is concerned. This model is likely to be introduced in three versions namely plastic, standard and premium and price would also vary as per the version.

Rumour also has it that LG is making an attempt to build a phone that would enjoy an interface with other peripheral devices without the use of Bluetooth technology.

LG G5 Release Dates

With G4 being the highlight of 2014, G5 is expected to arrive in December 2015 as per some analysts. Others have placed the release date in January, March or April, 2016. In any case, the phone is likely to hit Asian markets by June 2016 and proceed to American and European markets by the end of the same month.

Considering all of this, a preliminary list of suspected LG G5 release dates worldwide are (only a guess currently, check back in a few months):

LG G5 Release Date in India – June 2016

LG G5 Release Date in US / USA / Canada – June/ July 2016

LG G5 Release Date in Europe (France, UK, Serbia, Croatia, Belgium, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Albania, Netherlands, Scotland, Ireland, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Bosnia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Denmark, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, Switzerland, Turkey) – June/ July 2016

LG G5 Release Date in Singapore – June 2016

LG G5 Release Date in Australia, New Zealand – June/ July 2016

LG G5 Release Date in Malaysia – June 2016

LG G5 Release Date in China – June 2016

LG G5 Release Date in Japan – June 2016

LG G5 Release Date in Brazil – June/ July 2016

LG G5 Release Date in South Africa – June/ July 2016

LG G5 Pictures
Coming soon as more information gets released about the phone from LG.

LG G5 Price

LG G5 is likely to be priced between $1000 and $1200 and thus is going to be an up-market model in the segment. In UK it is likely to cost more than 500 GBP whereas in European countries, its price has been fixed at Euro 730. In India, it is likely to cost more than Rs.50, 000/- and in South Africa, more than 10,000 South African Rands. People in China could buy it at 5500 Yuan and those living in Australia can buy it for a little more than 1000 AUD.

Much of this hike in price is owing to the concept that LG is backing this model with and this will be elaborately explained during the pre-sales of the phone.

Stay tuned to the price section as the release date gets closer.

LG G5 Reviews

What do you think about the LG G5?

Let us know below and remember to review and rate it when it is released as well.

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  1. Matthew says:

    I can’t wait for this phone to be released next year in the USA. I love the LG G3 and G4 and I am sure the G4 will be even better. I think Samsung, Apple and HTC really need to be careful because the LG G5 could be the top phone on the market. Thanks for the rumours so far, of course, it is hard to say what the specs will be right now but I will continue to visit the page.

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