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iFit Active


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iFit Active vs Fitbit Flex
So many bands and only two wrists. The activity tracker market is plunging with a list of options so long, it can sometimes boggle your mind as to which one to choose.

So for your ease, we have decided to set forth our review and experience on two convenient yet luxurious options available,

iFit Active
Fitbit Flex.

Coming to the iFit Active, it sports a basic black band that comes with a sleek, easy to view screen. iFit Active comes with a Wrist Band and a clip that can be easily hooked up to your shirt or anywhere you would like it. Active has two buttons located on its side which when pressed, reveals ‘time and date’ with the ‘battery’ following this screen. Clicking the other button reveals the number of steps you have taken for the day. This flexible band lets you sync data through Bluetooth to the app in your device and doesn’t miss a reading.

The app is convenient and not very high-fi when it comes to understanding it. It features:

– Hourly Steps
– Diets
– Calorie burns and intakes
– Sleep Tracking
– Food intake and calories consumed.

The ‘food intake’ option lets you search and even scan (i.e. barcodes) your meals and log them in your day. The record is then synced up with your app and can even be accessed from the website to facilitate convenience. iFit Active comes with the option of setting an alarm through the app to even send you nudges that wake you up even from the deepest of sleep. The goal setting option acts as your ‘coach’ and pushes you to your max. iFit comes with a charger that snaps shut on your main battery, making sure it does not budge from the place. One charge gives up to 7 days of battery life. It has even reviewed to be water-proof, which is a major plus for swimmers.

When you first set eye on the Fitbit Flex, it looks like your basic fitness tracking band but the series of functions that it offers, prove it to be better than a number of others. It has a rubber finish and it comes with a battery that can easily come off the band and you can charge it using the given cable. This baby gives a full productivity of 10 days when full on charge. Flex is said to be water resistant and is designed to sustain even the roughest of uses.

To activate the band, you have to tap twice, which will indicate what your progress has been throughout the day by a series of 5 dots (5 being the maximum). Night mode on the Fitbit Flex can be activated via its app when you are ready to sleep and can be turned off when you are up. Flex collects data pretty easily which is then displayed in the Fitbit app. The main screen of the app unveils:

– Step you have taken
– Distance walked
– Active Minutes
– Calories burned
– Weight
– Sleep pattern for the night before
– Food intake for the day

All this information then expands in a separate window which lays out detailed info about that certain head. The ‘+’ sign in the ‘calories’ section lets you add any workout for the day by providing the ‘Duration’ & ‘Total time’ of your workout. Silent alarm option is an easy and sure way to wake up without disturbing anyone near you. Not only this, but the Fitbit app lets you set goals for the given activities to make sure you are living a healthy yet active lifestyle.

Choosing from the both can be a bit hard but it doesn’t matter which one you opt to get your groove it, each one promises to deliver quality, security and act as your own personal guide, pushing you to get up and move it!

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