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Europcar is a French owned car rental company offering worldwide car rental options.

More than a hundred countries covering Europe, North America, Middle East, Latin America, Asia, Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand.

Leave your Europcar reviews below. Tell us where you rented the car, was the customer service satisfactory, was the vehicle cleand and would you recommend it to other travellers.

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  1. Tracey says:

    I pre-booked a car online months ago for £333. when I got to europcar I gave the guy the reservation number and this booking was completely ignored and my lack of sleep taken advantage of.
    Firstly I was told they did not have the car I ordered so they were “going to give me a nice upgrade” what they didnt tell me was that i had to pay an extra £432 on top of my hire costs for that upgrade.
    I was told that the car they were giving me was automatic, I don’t need automatic but wasn’t told this would cost extra so I was like ‘ whatever’.
    After the purchase was finalised I was told he had ‘Given me’ roadside assist, this i later realised had cost me £167.90.

    The sales guy did not come up for air and I was constantly bombarded with talk other than the hire process to distract me from what was going on. I was extremely tired, jetlagged and stressed and this was absolutely manipulated to europcars advantage. They have ruined my holiday because of this.
    My original booking cost was for £333, the final rip off was for £1633. Big difference, my flight from Australia didnt cost this much. The premium upgrade was also a joke. The car had its passenger mirror broken, the car needed a wash, the windscreen wiper is broken and there are dents and scratches all over the car. The driver side mirror electronics were faulty, it kept moving itself while I was driving. Several of these problems were not even listed on the report.
    I was charged for and extra three days, I don’t know why. The car was picked up and returned on the days quoted, 24 days in total which is listed on the invoice. I was charged £46 for fuel tank option, the tank was full when i returned it. I had filled it up at the local petrol station two minutes away. None of these extra charges were “sales pitches”, I live on very limited means and if I had realised at the time I could not have agreed to them because I have no way of paying for them and am now over AU$2000 in debt because of eurocrap.

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