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A comparison between Globus and Trafalgar tours based on our independent Compare it Versus user reviews. Both operators are well known about tours in Europe as well as other areas of the world.

Hopefully it helps you choose the tour right for you. Let’s find out some differences between Globus and Trafalgar tours:

Globus Journeys is a major international tour operator operating in over 65 countries spread over six continents. Because Globus travel brands are collectively used by over 500,000 travellers a year, this organisation is the single largest travel company in the world.

Globus offers a range of guided tours, planned holidays, river cruises and independent travel packages for all classes of travellers. The company is highly regarded for its selection of itineraries and options for extensive customisation.

Trafalgar Tours is another tourism and travel company that offers guided tours to over 200 locations worldwide spanning six continents. Trafalgar is highly rated for the expertise of its local tour guides and its range of travel packages for families, couples, groups, and individuals.

Over the course of the past few years, Trafalgar has become very popular with young travellers and students even though it is yet to become a dedicated youth travel company like Contiki or Topdeck.

So comparing Globus and Trafalgar, which do you prefer or recommend?
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