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A comparison between Globus and Trafalgar tours based on our independent Compare it Versus user reviews.

Hopefully it helps you choose the tour right for you.

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 GlobusTrafalgar Tours
DescriptionGlobus offers holidays in more than two hundred places on six continentsTrafalgar is a bus touring company that offers regional hotel/motel options for orangised holidays
Overall RatingNot Rated
Value for moneyNot Rated
AccommodationNot Rated
ProfileFamily, All agesAll ages, Families
DestinationsGlobus destinations are primarily European including Scandinavia, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium, Romania, Turkey and the UKNorth America, Alaska, Asia, Australia, Austria, Canada, United States, China, Spain, Egypt, England, Europe, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Hawaii, India, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, US

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