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Comparing the two supermarkets, which one has the better value? Tell us why!

Let’s look at some differences between the two supermarket chains, Safeway and Save-A-Lot in USA.

This is a supermarket chain in the United States of America which is owned by Cerberus Capital Management. It has recently bought over Albertsons stores as a result of a merger. It has over two thousand stores operating in USA with over two hundred and fifty thousand workforce. Safeway is the third largest supermarket chain in the country behind Walmart and the Kroger Group. The stores have their base in Pleasanton, California and are spread all over the western, Mid-Atlantic, central parts and the eastern coast. Safeway also has its own brands marketed in kitchen, farms and home products.

This is a discount supermarket chain of stores in the United States of America that was started by Bill Moran in 1977 as a great alternative to the giant supermarkets. It has its headquarters in Missouri. The first store was opened in Cahokia, Illinois. Save-A-Lot is a subsidiary of SuperValu and it offers more than one thousand three hundred stores that are spread over thirty six states in USA. The supermarket chain is doing well with annual sales that exceed four billion dollars. Its stores offer all standard grocery products but they do not feature a great variety than the traditional supermarkets. A typical store of Save-A-Lot is just about fifteen thousand square feet in size with the items displayed in cardboard cartons and shipping boxes.

Key points for comparison
Every year, the shoppers in USA spend nearly five hundred billion dollars on purchases done in supermarkets. It was revealed in a study that most of the families make a trip to a supermarket twice a week on an average. They all expect the supermarkets to be clean and safe from hazards. Both Safeway and Save-A-Lot stores have been certified as safe and clean units.
Safeway offers grocery delivery with one-hour delivery windows for orders given before 0830 hours. Safeway also has a mobile app on delivery facilities.

At Save-A-Lot, grocery deliveries are available on five days of a week starting from Tuesdays to Saturdays for a couple of hours every day between 0900 hours and 1100 hours in the morning. Orders have to be placed at least twelve hours ahead of delivery. There is a delivery fee that is charged of five dollars. The minimum order quantity to qualify for delivery is fifteen dollars.

What do you think?
In your experience with Safeway and Save-A-Lot, which do you think is the better supermarket?
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