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Food Lion

Comparing the two supermarkets, which one has the better value? Tell us why!

Let’s look at some differences between the two supermarket chains, Safeway and Food Lion in USA.

Safeway has grown in the United States of America. It has one thousand three hundred stores across the country. This includes 266 stores in California and Hawaii, 273 stores in Nevada, 107 stores in Texas and 28 stores in Alaska. Safeway has become a part of the local communities wherever it has opened its stores. Its customers always rely on it for great pricing and fresh meat and produce. It has thousands of everyday lower prices in almost every aisle in its stores. The website of Safeway supermarkets provides meal tips, recipes and great choices for healthy living. Safeway also delivers groceries in many major towns and suburbs in USA.

Food Lion
The first Food Lion grocery store was founded in 1957 by Smith and Ketner in Salisbury, North Carolina. It operates one thousand one hundred stores that are spread across sixteen states. It is a Belgian supermarket chain with a workforce of forty eight thousand. It is also the largest subsidiary of the Belgian Delhaize Group.

Key points for comparison
Food Lion does not staff its bakeries, seafood and flowers’ counters like Safeway does. It expects its shoppers to find what they are looking for on their own. Food Lion has also installed low wattage light bulbs and no-frost doors to reduce its energy consumption in its stores. It has also posted signs for its employees to turn off the ovens when they are not being used. It has set up light switches that are motion sensitive in the backrooms for saving on energy costs so that it can pass down the savings to its customers in the form of low prices. The selection of food products at Food Lion is limited and it focuses on everyday items that are needed by people on a regular weekly basis. Food Lion does not carry many gourmet items. Food Lion falls behind Safeway in prices of branded products but for some popular products, it is cheaper than Safeway. For example, an 18 oz. Skippy peanut butter jar will cost $1.89at Food Lion against $2.45 at Safeway and a 100oz. bottle of Tide detergent is priced at $6.99 at Food Lion against $8.69 at Safeway (Source).

What do you think?
In your experience with Safeway and Food Lion, which do you think is the better supermarket? Let us know below.

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  1. Evelyn Harper says:

    In Hampton, Va, was Safeway changed to Food Lion?

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