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Long hair


Short hair

What do you prefer, long or short hair? Join the discussion below!

What is more attractive, long hair or short hair?

Lets look at some differences between and pros and cons of long hair and short hair.

The hair length or ‘mane’ debate, as it is referred to, has been raging on for decades and refuses to die down even now. The best way to identify what lies at the heart of the matter is to understand the requirements of each hair-style.

Amazing hair is the hallmark of amazing style. And we know this is a hard question.

We feel the most important thing is how it makes you feel and whether you think it looks good on you.

Long hair

long hairWomen who sport long hair are regarded as being epitomes of feminism.

While obviously some men like short hair and some long hair, according to several surveys, longer hair is overall correlated with being more attractive to men.

That said, having long hair also implies indulging in regular maintenance, cleaning, styling and combing since it is more prone to tangles, not to mention that it could cause you to feel sweaty and distinctly uncomfortable during summers.

On the positive side, long hair could be tied up into any number of hairstyles and add to the elegance of a woman like nothing else.

So if you have the time to look after your hair and enjoy experimenting with it, then long hair is just the right touch for you.

short hair

Short hair

Short hair is so so beautiful on some women.

Women with short hair are perceived to be more independent and sometimes tom boyish, traits that some men adore and some find difficult to digest.

Viewed from a more realistic angle, short hair is easier to handle although cleaning it regularly and setting it into place is a must. That said, it keeps your neck free and this could be a big relief in hot and humid climes.

A great summer style, short hair could also be taken as a weapon to make a statement and reflect your personality and attitude without really getting involved in any kind of direct confrontation.

A knowledgable and experienced hairdresser and choosing the right cut goes a long way to making the difference between a great and not so great short hair style so do your research.

long hair vs short hair

So, long or short hair?

Whether long or short, the most beautiful hair is one which is healthy, clean, suited to your face shape and structure and personality and more importantly, one that you like. Once this objective has been accomplished, deciding upon a hair-do and colour is much easier.

More importantly, what do you think? Vote in our poll above and share your opinion in the comments below. Find out what your friends thing by sharing the post.

6 users have added to Compare Long Hair vs Short Hair

  1. Janet Keiser says:

    Through my childhood I always had short hair and I hated it. I decided to let my hair grow and since then I have always had long hair. Although it is hard work to keep your hair healthy and well maintained, you can do so much more with longer hair. I decided to cut my hair a month ago to donate towards Cancer and although it went towards a good cause I miss my long hair. It’s easy to maintain, easy to brush and to dry. Quicker to colour and you use way less shampoo and conditioner, but short hair is just not my thing.

  2. AriyaWhite85 says:

    Since I’m voting for short hair in the long hair vs short hair debate, I’ll, well, keep it short: it’s got all the style without any of the hassle of long hair. It’s not like short hair is not open to styling, especially if it’s a bit longer than a cropped cut, and it’s much easier to style and take care of than longer hair. With shorter hair, you could sometimes skip the brushing and combing and it’ll give you a nice messy hairdo, whereas long hair if left to go messy looks terrible. Short hair perks up your face and takes about five years off of your age. It also makes you look a little slimmer and taller. Short hair is simply smarter, especially if you get over the mistaken belief that you need to devote precious time into washing, combing, blow-drying, braiding your long locks to be pretty/stylish. You have other things to do, and short hair will cooperate with you wonderfully on that. Keeping your hair tied back tight all the time isn’t healthy for your roots, so short hair is the way to go, especially in summers. Those annoying air curtains at store entrances won’t mess with your short hair as much as long hair so it’s okay if you forgot to carry your hairbrush. Short hair won’t get in your face when you’re trying to get work done, and it’s less likely to clog the shower drain or get in your food as quickly as stray strands from long hair. And think about split-ends. I could go on about short hair, and it’s a pity I didn’t keep my post as short as I promised, but you should definitely keep your hair short. You’ll love it.

  3. lounissess says:

    I choose long hair over short hair any day. To be at the top of their form, your hair should be washed regularly and neat especially if you have long hair. Brush every day. If you have a healthy lifestyle, your long hair will be stronger and brighter throughout the year. Feel free to make masks once or twice a week. the long hair needs care! Final touch, add a peak serum or cream (only on the tips to avoid greasy). Cut your tips of your hair from time to time to prevent the forks. Advantage: your hair will grow faster!

    Trends hairstyles for long hair. You have a choice! Smoothness baguette or curly bohemian, a natural way to display beautiful long hair! The high ponytail or bun strict give you elegance and structure your hair. With or without bangs, tapered, gradients, structured or rebels, long hair on everything is possible!

  4. Duleon says:

    There is not much you can do with short hair – you can wash it and then you’ll have the same hairdo that you had 10 minutes ago. A long hair, well, that’s another story – you can experiment with it all day long (no pun intended). Pony tails, hair gels and many more; you can sweep ladies with your seductive look or make them run as hell with those punk spikes on your head. You can comb long hair in hundreds different ways and styles, or you can buy a cap to put it on your short haired head – that’s the only way to cover it when it’s got bad. The moral is – if you’re lucky enough to have strong and healthy hair, just let it grow. Be Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt, there’ll be plenty of time to look like Vin Diesel.

  5. Giselle says:

    If you ask me to compare short versus long hair, you will definitely end up loads of opinions. I personally prefer long hair. Even during summers you can roll up your long hair and clip it up. short hair on the other hand is easy to maintain on an everyday basis. Long hair needs more shampooing and detangling of the knots. When it comes to dressing up for occasions the long hair can be stylized into various styles even if you have a bad hair day you can just tie it up. With short hair you cannot change the styles but can try on various accessories to make it different.

  6. teescake03 says:

    Hair is the most precious part of a woman. Because as what they said it is the “crowning glory”. If I am ask to choose Long hair vs Short hair, I will probably choose the long hair. Because having a long hair you can do whatever you want to your hair like styling it, curl it, perm it, braid it color it or put highlights on it just like any of our celebrities today. Long hair is a turn on for most men. Long hair makes women appear more feminine and sexy. Having long hair will protect your neck from cold and let shoulders warm and if it is hot like summer days, just tie it in your fave style and tadah! You are hot just like summer…

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