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Comparing Coles and Aldi, who has the better value and cheaper prices? Tell us why!

Coles vs Aldi:

Let’s explore Coles and Aldi, the two Australian supermarkets.

Background of the supermarkets

It is an Australian supermarket chain that is owned by Wesfarmers. It owns 741 stores all over Australia as it has expanded since its establishment in 1914 in Victoria. Coles also offers its own brand that offers numerous household items include cookies, cheese and peanut butter.

It offers the facility of online shopping. Shoppers can also access recipes on the ‘Taste’ section and add the ingredients for a particular recipe straight to their online trolley.
Delivery Options – Coles offers free delivery on your initial order and it also offers free delivery every Wednesday on all orders that exceed $100. This offer does not include tobacco products. (Current deal, check the site to ensure it is still active).

ALDI is a prominent global discount chain of supermarkets. It has over nine thousand stores across eighteen countries. ALDI was established in Germany in 1946 and came into Australia in 2001. It has been recognized in this country for its transparent pricing and its bulk buying options. It claims to believe in strict adherence to the quality assurance standards in Australia. ALDI has 366 stores all over Australia and it has reached 15% market share in the nation. It is busy opening several stores in the eastern part of the country.

ALDI offers smart phone apps. It has seven-day deals. Each week, it offers deals on fresh meat, fresh produce and other products that can fill up your refrigerator. ALDI is also environmentally friendly and has got ‘green’ status for its Greenpeace’s True Food Guide’s policy concerning foods that are genetically modified. Aldi also offers online shopping options.

Aldi delivery options- Grocery Butler arranges for the delivery of all ALDI purchases online. The minimum order value is $25 Net of vouchers and discounts. A delivery charge of $10 will also be added to the shopping value.

Side by side analysis

Australia is currently going through a price war in its eighty eight billion dollar grocery and food industry. ALDI, with its 10.3% market share has taken the third spot in leading supermarkets in Australia after Woolworths (39% share) and Coles (33.5% share) (Source: Roy Morgan’s Supermarket Currency Report, 2014).

Price and value comparison

Weekly bill for twenty-three selected essentials: Coles ($79.04) versus Aldi ($63.86) (Source:

Snippet: A 500 gram bag of pasta cost $2.25 in Coles 79c in ALDI

The disadvantage of shopping at ALDI’s is that you do not get to see the famous brands and that can disappoint individuals and raise arguable questions about quality.

What do you think?

In your experience with Coles and ALDI, which do you think is the better supermarket? Let us know below.

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  1. adam mcfarlane says:

    aldi is cheaper and u can save more money therefore afford more luxuries

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